Judge Jeanine Annihilates Sessions: Time To Go

Jeff Sessions is protecting the deep state because he is part of the deep state.

Judge Jeanine in her Opening Statement called on the totally inept and corrupt Attorney General Jeff Sessions to resign.

The always correct Judge Jeanine slammed the current Attorney General Jeff Sessions:

Have you no self-esteem, no self- regard, self-respect?  Where is your dignity?  Why would you stay in a job when you’re not wanted.  A job you took under false pretenses knowing you wouldn’t be able to do the complete job and why do you continue to stay?

No one elected you Jeff, voted for you, petitioned to make sure you got the job.  You’re certainly not entitled to the job. You groveled and begged for the job and out of loyalty, he gave it to you.  You’re so clueless you don’t even know you’re being used.   You don’t even know you’re nothing but a shill.  In fact the only constituency that wants you is the Deep State that needs someone to protect their flank from an investigation….

Jeff, if you’re not corrupt and in the fix isn’t in because they got something on you, then you’ve been duped.

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