Judge Janine Pirro: ‘Trump Absolutely Shouldn’t Talk to Mueller’

“Absolutely not!” Judge Janine Pirro said when asked about her thoughts on President Trump speaking with Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

“He’s gonna go on and on, talk about this, talk about that. It’s a trap. That’s what the feds do and we already know they’re biased,” she said.

Trump has stated that he is “looking forward” to meeting with Mueller and reiterated that there was “no collusion” between Trump and Russia.

However it sounds as if he won’t be meeting with Mueller without coaching. His lawyer, Ty Cobb, said, “[Trump] is ready to meet with them, but he’ll be guided by the advice of his personal counsel.”

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“Russian collusion is not a crime. Ergo he doesn’t need to appear,” Pirro added, stating that Mueller is “out for blood.”

Pirro is not the first to warn Trump against speaking to Mueller. Former campaign advisor and longtime Trump confidant Roger Stone believes it’s a trap as well. .

Stone said that Trump should not meet with, nor be interrogated by special counsel Robert Mueller, under under any circumstances. He claims that talking to Mueller’s investigators would be a “suicide mission.”

Obviously, Stone continued, Trump is confident in meeting with Mueller because he is innocent, “he knows he’s done nothing wrong.” What does he have to hide?

However, Stone knows better, and feels strongly that Mueller is setting up “an obvious perjury trap.” If you know anything about Democrats and how they have attacked Trump thus far, it has been nothing but lies and accusations.

“[Mueller] is taking advantage of the presidents loquaciousness,” Stone said.

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