Judge in Oregon Refuses to Officiate Gay Weddings!

In Oregon, Judge Vance Day has picked up the baton of resistance from Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis. While Davis sits in prison, Judge Day will continue the fight for both religious liberty and resistance to immorality.

The judge recently announced that he will not perform any same-sex marriage ceremonies. A spokesman for the judge said that “It’s an exercise of his religious freedom rights under the First Amendment.”

His spokesman further said that, Day instructed his staff to tell couples that the judge will not perform same-sex marriages. The staffers were instructed to refer same-sex couples to other Marion County judges willing to issue them a marriage license.

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Judge Day has stepped forward because of his “deeply-held religious beliefs” and is preparing himself for the likely onslaught of lawsuits and recriminations. To that end Judge Day has taken steps to establish a legal defense fund for the likely eventuality that he (and the state) are sued.

The Oregon Government Ethics Commission voted unanimously Thursday to approve Day’s request to establish a legal defense fund.

Day noted in an affidavit signed Aug. 19 that he was seeking to establish the fund to defray legal expenses in connection with inquiries by the Oregon Commission on Judicial Fitness and Disability involving allegations of violations of the Oregon Code of Judicial Conduct and the Oregon Constitution.

“These legal expenses arose by virtue of, and were related to, my service as an Oregon Circuit Judge,” Day wrote in the affidavit.

He acknowledged in the affidavit that he is bound by provisions of state law that spell out the establishment, administration and termination of legal expense trusts.

State law allows public officials to set up such trusts to collect money for their legal defense in a variety of circumstances, including investigations brought by public bodies.

Homosexual couples have many other options as it pertains to marriage, so it remains unclear whether or not Judge Day will face any consequential backlash from his decision. However, as we’ve seen in the cases with Christian bakers, photographers, event planners and florists… even if these couples have other options, they do still hunt for their pound of flesh from Christians. Just because gay couples have other options, they may intentionally seek out Judge Day in an effort to destroy his professional and personal life. If you think they couldn’t be that vindictive… just ask the Klein family, or Baronelle Stuzman, or Elaine Huguenin, or Jack Phillips, or Kim Davis

I’m sure you get the point.

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