Judge Destroys #BlackLivesMatter Lawyer in Open Court!

An obviously overzealous public defender did his worst in an effort to defend his client, but the judge who was forced to listen wasn’t having any of it.

When the lawyer began arguing that his client deserved leniency because of the racist climate in America today, Judge John Hurley jumped in and wrecked the lawyer’s argument.

The first thing judge wanted to note was that the color of the man’s skin was meaningless in the courtroom — and then he followed with the real issue. The judge noted that the man was caught in a neighborhood he didn’t live in, hiding under the dock of a person he didn’t know and wearing an empty holster just minutes after a police officer had been shot at.

The idea that the prosecution had anything to do with racism was simply preposterous.

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I love seeing a good judge filled with righteous indignation.

This lawyer deserved to be ripped apart for insinuating that racism was at fault for his client’s arrest.

(The good stuff starts around 1:15 into the video.)

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