Joy Behar: Trump Wants to Cut Education ‘So we Can All be as Dumb as he Is!’ [VIDEO]

As a general rule, whatever the government inserts itself in will inevitably lead to skyrocketing costs and greatly diminishing quality. Healthcare, banking, housing, and education are just a few examples.

Just look at what’s happened to higher education costs ever since the government’s been involved in not only granting federal and state taxpayer money to them, but also guaranteeing student loans.

Local schools and districts get taxpayer money to operate, and they’re always in need of more money. They get more money, and yet the standards continually go down so that fewer kids fail out. It looks better on paper for the districts.

In fact, look what happened in the Atlanta Public Schools. Teachers and administrators cheated for students so that they’d yield better results, and apparently there was some financial gain involved:

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Capping a series of investigations that spanned four years, a Fulton County grand jury indicted [Superintendent Beverly] Hall and 34 others on charges that they conspired to cheat on federally mandated standardized tests from at least 2005 to 2010. Further, the grand jury charged, Hall, several top aides, principals and teachers engaged in the scheme for their own financial gain. And with investigators closing in, the jury said, Hall and others lied to cover up their crimes.

Hall inculcated an atmosphere that encouraged using any means necessary to achieve test-score targets, the indictment said, and then “publicly misrepresented the academic performance of schools throughout APS.” Pressuring subordinates to produce targeted scores, the indictment said, “created an environment where achieving the desired end result was more important than the students’ education.”

Those were federally mandated. Since when does the federal government have the Constitutional authority to require such tests? I’d argue that the more localizethe school system is, the better the quality, and the lower the cost. At some point, people may even end up deciding that they don’t want any kind of public school if it were up to them. If you eliminated taxes associated with public education, that money would be freed up to be used by residents to pay for better, private schools. Or, if parents so chose, they could use the newly freed money to homeschool.

But anytime you tinker with any kind of government funding, liberals claim that you’re an anarchist trying to destroy the government. If you want to cut federal funding of government education, they’ll say that you ‘hate education.’ Joy Behar of The View thinks that Trump’s budget, which increases funding for school choice at the expense of duplicate or otherwise ineffective programs, is going to make kids ‘as dumb as he is.’

So, should we keep things the way they are so that we can all be as smart as she is?

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