Joy Behar Begs Joe Biden: ‘Don’t Go! Don’t Go!’ [VIDEO]

Outgoing Vice President Joe Biden sat down with the ladies of The View to talk about issues ranging from Trump’s tweets to his son Beau Biden, to what he’s going to do after January 20. At the end, co-host Joy Behar begged him not to go.

Behar started off saying that she was terrified of a Trump presidency. “The country, they say, is very much divided,” Behar said. “People are worried about a Trump administration. I’m terrified that he knows nothing, and is going to lead us into war.

“Now, you have called him ‘thoroughly unqualified,'” she said to Biden. “What makes you the most uneasy – and remember, it’s only an hour show?” Here’s an edited clip:

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(See below for some of Biden’s responses.)

I don’t know what planet she’s been living on, but we’ve had nothing but war for the past eight years under “anti-war” Barack Obama. In fact, in just 2016 alone, the Obama administration had dropped over 26,000 bombs in foreign countries, killing many civilians. Here’s a reality check:

And Joy Behar is terrified that a President Trump is “going to lead us into war?” Yes, I’m concerned about that too. I would hope that his critique of aggressive foreign policy would indicate that he’d want to lead us out of war, but that’s not likely to happen. Obama campaigned on ending wars too, and we all know how that turned out. Maybe a Trump administration will be different, but I’m not holding my breath.

Here’s more from Biden’s discussion on The View:


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