Journalist Stoned by Muslim Gang on the Streets in… SWEDEN?

It was impossible to calm them down.

A few months ago GOP presidential candidate Bobby Jindal was derided by the media and leaders in Europe for openly discussing Muslim “No Go Zones” in major European cities. His liberal opponents in the media (and in Europe) argued that these “no go zones” were pure fiction and did not actually exist. Jindal never backed down, but his reputation among middle-of-the-road GOP voters was damaged and his campaign hasn’t ever been able to recover.

Fast forward to today as we near the end of October. A new story has broken on the international news wire and it’s about one of these supposedly “nonexistent” no go zones. Valentina Xhaferi, a journalist in Sweden, was attempting to report on a story about police in Stockholm being pelted with rocks any time they came near to a Muslim no go zone in a subub of the city called Tensta. Apparently, more than 70% of the people living in Tensta today are foreign born and the vast majority of the locals are Muslim.

The journalist and her cameraman had just finished setting up their equipment and were preparing to begin an interview with a local who had agreed to speak, when another man approached and angrily asked why they were filming. After a terse conversation he stormed off, but returned a few minutes later with a gang of Muslim men.

“Then he became very, very angry and said he’ll get stones and show us what stoning is. When I saw that he was armed with a stone I just wanted to get out of there,” the journalist told Swedish media. Around this time more men appeared out of the subway and joined in the fray. Fortunately, the camera was recording the entire event and even captured the moment that the men attacked, kicking the camera to the floor and shouting insults at the journalist and throwing hot coffee on her cameraman.

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“It was impossible to calm them down. I pulled back and tried to calm down everyone, while trying to get my colleague and myself out of there. I became very anxious and had a feeling that the situation was going to explode. That’s when the guy threw a stone at us,” Xhaferi said.

Apparently, the Muslim men felt as though the reporter and her cameraman had crossed some imaginary line and onto “their land.” Because of this sleight they began pelting the two with stones and shouting profanity and epithets at them.

Swedish police believe there to be 55 different “no go zones” in Sweden, which seems odd considering that the liberal media just told Bobby Jindal that these places didn’t exist.

Watch the frightening confrontation below:

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