Josh Earnest Says Obama is ‘Genuinely Concerned’ for America [VIDEO]

It wasn’t that long ago that Josh Earnest was the one behind the podium during White House press briefings, dodging questions to make then-President Obama look good.

Now that he’s done with that gig, he’s gone on to bigger and better things. He’s now a political analyst with MSNBC. I can’t think of a better place for him.

In an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Jansing, Josh Earnest was asked about how Trump’s predecessor is taking all the news about the current administration. Earnest responded that he believes Obama is ‘genuinely concerned’ for the country.

The host brought up Trump’s tweet about urging Flynn to seek immunity because this was an obvious political ‘witch hunt.’

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Chris Jansing: Does he have a point, or is it a lot of spin?

Josh Earnest: Well, he would have a point if there weren’t nonpartisan federal investigators who are taking a look at this, and Republicans on Capitol Hill who are closely taking a look at Mr. Flynn’s actions and the other ties of the administration to Russian officials.

Look, I’m sure after that Wall Street Journal article broke yesterday, indicating that Mr. Flynn was prepared to seek immunity in order to testify, there were some restless nights’ sleep in Washington, D.C. 

…Any Washington, D.C. official, particularly a Trump administration official, who sent an email to General Flynn, who thought they were having a private conversation with General Flynn, or was in a position where…they were publicly defending General Flynn. Now, you have to be concerned that your either private communications are going to become public, or that your efforts to defend him are actually going to be proven false. 

Earnest said President Trump “tweets when he’s particularly exercised about something,” and that “he’s right to be particularly exercised about this.”

“He was certainly in a position of having private conversations with Mr. Flynn, and he certainly was in a position where he was publicly defending him,” Earnest explained. “So, is he facing the prospect of having a lot of that upended? I think he might be.”

Regarding Devin Nunes, Earnest said that what’s “problematic for the American people is that you have senior intelligence officials on the National Security Council that are not poring over intelligence reports trying to figure out how to keep the country safe. Rather, he said that “they’re poring over intelligence reports trying to figure out how they can defend an ultimately defenseless tweet that included a baseless accusation from the President of the United States.”

“That’s a problem,” he said. “And that does represent the politicization of the intelligence process.”

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