Jon Stewart Dares Conservatives to Prove He Propped Obama Up – So we Did!

The revelation that Jon Stewart was a secret, late night visitor to the White House has prompted many in the media to finally realize what conservatives already knew – that Stewart and Comedy Central’s the Daily Show were in the tank for Obama. In fact, the Politico report detailing these late night rendezvous made it clear that Stewart had become the Obama administration’s unofficial propaganda arm.

Once the story went mainstream, with many different news outlets reporting on the findings, Stewart attempted to defend himself by incredulously demanding that someone show him proof of this supposed collaboration.

So the Washington Free Beacon went out and did just that, kindly putting the evidence together in one neat and tidy little video.

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Here’s more from Free Beacon reporter David Rutz:

Yes, shocking though it may be, Stewart openly favored the Obama administration, as did his rather small but like-thinking audience and the network he worked for, and he did very little to hide the fact. It would not have been good for business…

Stewart challenged that the Fox hosts had not produced any video evidence of such devotion and played his own montage of Fox showing “even Stewart” going after the White House for various failings over the previous six years. Boom! Got ’em!

Of course, that was precisely the point: Stewart was such a Democratic boot-licker that when even the Obama administration had messed up enough to merit his ridicule, it was newsworthy…

That Stewart occasionally offered criticism of the Obama White House was no indicator that he wanted to hold all politicians accountable. His publicized takedowns of the Obamacare website’s malfunctioning had more to do with his disappointment that a liberal program was at risk because of faulty installation. One writer noted this was right out of his playbook: “mocking liberals’ tactics and implementation but not their underlying assumptions or ideas.”

Rather, Stewart’s schtick was pretty repetitive: Cheaply edited clips of Fox News personalities or Republican politicians saying the same thing over and over to make them appear moronic, Stewart mugging for the audience or screeching some obscenity, and dutiful outlets reporting the next day that Stewart had in fact obliterated his chosen target…


Read the entire story at the Washington Free Beacon

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