Jon Ossoff’s Loss Leads to Runoff…Dems Set Their Sights on These Next Two Contests

It was basically the ‘rising star’ Democrat Jon Ossoff – the young, glitzy former Hank Johnson aide backed by millions of dollars and free national press – against a diluted field of Republicans. The deal was for someone to garner at least 50 percent. No one did.

Ossoff did come out on top however with 48 percent of the vote. But against a slew of Republicans – with Karen Handel securing the majority at 19.8 percent – it’s not really saying much. In addition, Trump won the district by only 1.5 percent, so it was bound to be close.

It’s not over until until it’s over. There’s a runoff election on June 20 that will be between the top two contenders – Ossoff and Handel.

With Democrat losses in Kansas – CIA Director Mike Pompeo’s vacated seat – and Georgia (not a complete loss yet), they’re now setting their sights on the next two contests, hoping desperately for a win:  Montana and South Carolina. Politico reported:

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With the approach of a Montana contest that will see national resources poured in while political celebrities like Sanders descend on the state to support candidate Rob Quist, the question Democrats are asking themselves is whether it will be enough — and how to keep the grassroots fires stoked as Trump’s administration passes its first 100 days mark. Trump won Montana by 21 points, after all, and the race in Georgia to replace HHS Secretary Tom Price illustrated that a combination of Republican infighting, the Trump factor and an avalanche of campaign cash still isn’t enough to guarantee Democratic success.

The South Carolina race to replace Budget Director Mick Mulvaney will take place under similarly difficult conditions — in a district Trump won by 18 points, and in a state where he won by 14.

According to Jesse Ferguson, a former top Democrat official, “The biggest driver of enthusiasm right now is the rejection of Trump and the Trump agenda.”

“There have been far more successes in resisting the Trump administration than anyone would have expected on November 10, whether it’s beating back the health care repeal or some of these special elections in state legislatures, or closer-than-expected congressional races,” he said.

The Obamacare repeal debacle had nothing to do with Democrats’ ‘resistance’ strategy. The bill was a terribly drafted piece of legislation that was designed from the beginning by the GOP leadership to fail miserably. It accomplished its goals. We didn’t any Democrats help for that.

With all their anger, celebrity support, media fawning, and big donors, they’ve still fallen short. Their ‘resistance’ is mostly artificial. If there really were this ‘groundswell’ of anti-Trump sentiment, first of all, he wouldn’t have won. Second of all, they’d be winning these special elections like nobody’s business.

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