Jon Ossoff Wastes $24 Million on Election, Cries About Opponent Buying Office Chairs

Jon Ossoff was the Democratic nominee who was running for Congress for Georgia’s 6th districts, where he (ironically) does not even live. Yet he believed he knew what was best for us.

Ossoff thought he had the cat in the bag with millions being sent in from Hollywood and Democrats across the nation. Which is ludicrous considering this was a spot for Congress, not the presidency.

However, our girl Karen Handel pulled through and won fair and square. So that we can step back to look at the larger picture, we see just how much money was spent by Ossoff and the liberals to attack Handel. However, she took the higher road and chose not to tie up her money in responding, but rather to continue campaigning as normal.

Here is just one of the crazy ads put out against Handel (which was played relentlessly on the radio) in which they poured money into to cry about her spending money:

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The irony is ridiculous. Ossoff spent about $450k per ad to slam Handel while she campaigned.

Sean Hannity reports:

The 30-year old liberal outspent Handel nearly five-to-one, amassing a giant war-chest from left-wing donors throughout the country, mainly in New York and California.

Ironically, Ossoff spoke with NPR a day before the special election, saying “the role of money in politics is a major problem.”

“The role of money in politics is a major problem and particularly the role of unchecked anonymous money. There have been super PACs in Washington who have been putting up tens of millions of dollars of attack ads in air for months now,” said the failed democratic nominee. “I’m proud of the fact that my campaign has raised that money in small-dollar contributions, on average less than $50.”

“There’s no question that money in politics is a major problem, which is one of the reasons that we need campaign finance reform so that candidates and campaigns will spend more time talking to voters and discussing the issues and less time raising money,” he added.

The special election to replace Health and Human Services Director Tom Price was the most expensive House race in the history of the United States.

If there is one thing Democrats have learned in the last year, it is that Americans can no longer be bought nor bullied into submission. The silent majority is standing up and speaking.

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