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Some of our stalwart Congressmen are banding together to work against the Democrats planned Internet Sales Tax (which they’ve ironically named the Marketplace Fairness Act). These men need our support and they need our involvement to encourage their colleagues to join in the fight. Read what Representative Thomas Massie wrote over at Facebook and then call your local, state and national representatives and demand that they fight against the Internet Sales Tax!

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From Congressman Thomas Massie



Today I joined Senator Ted Cruz, Senator-elect Congressman Steve Daines, Congressman Walter JonesRep. Paul GosarCongressman Doug Lamborn and several groups at a press conference in opposition to the Internet Sales Tax, otherwise known as the Marketplace Fairness Act.

The Marketplace Fairness Act allows taxation without representation.
Businesses would be subject to tax policies of other states with no ability to influence those policies. The taxes they pay would fund infrastructure they don’t use. Even retailers in states without a sales tax would be required to collect sales tax.

Some have said that this bill is about States’ rights, and I’m a strong proponent of States’ rights; but this bill does nothing to protect States’ rights. In fact, this bill changes the very fabric, the constitutional fabric of the United States of America by subjecting people and businesses in one State to the taxes and regulations of another State. This is unprecedented. For the first time in history, this bill would grant States jurisdictions beyond their physical borders. If this bill passes, we’ll have a virtual United States of America where borders no longer mean anything.

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