John McCain Threatens Tax Reform

After obstructing Obamacare repeal, Senator John McCain threatens another major part of the Trump agenda.

News that John McCain threatens conservative progress just means it must be a day that ends in “y.” When does he not oppose basic conservative values? If he ever votes with conservatives, that would be worth reporting. There’s no need to tell us he opposes the Trump agenda anymore. Everyone takes that for granted by now.

Arizona can’t replace him too soon!

The New York Times reports, “Republican Victory May Rest Once Again With McCain, This Time on Taxes.

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Once again, it could all come down to Senator John McCain.

After sinking his party’s hopes of repealing the Affordable Care Act this year with a dramatic thumbs-down, the fate of a tax overhaul may now sit in the hands of the Republican from Arizona. In recent days, Mr. McCain has been fairly tight-lipped about his views on the tax proposal speeding through the Senate, saying he sees some problems with the existing bill but is waiting for a final plan before making a decision.

Asked about what concerned him about the Senate tax bill this week, Mr. McCain replied tersely: “A lot of things.”

Even those who know Mr. McCain best are unsure how he will vote, but if history is any guide, Republicans have reason to worry.

Read the entire New York Times story.

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