John McCain is Hillary Clinton’s Favorite Republican

We all knew it already… but it’s nice to get confirmation isn’t it? Hillary Clinton recently admitted that John McCain was her favorite Republican… and McCain tried his best to deflect her praise.

BOB SCHIEFFER: Senator McCain, I have one question. I can’t get away without asking, because Hillary Clinton has said that you are her favorite Republican and I just want to ask you is she your favorite Democrat? 

JOHN MCCAIN: Actually I hope this program is blacked out in Arizona. Please cut. Look, I respect Secretary, Senator Clinton. I respect her views. We have had disagreements on a number of issues. I think it’s my job to work with every president if she is — regrettably – if she obtains the presidency. I worked with her in the Senate. You’ve got to reach across the aisle and work together on certain issues. I’m not only not embarrassed about it, I’m proud of it. And I respect Hillary Clinton. I may not agree with her. 

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