John Kerry: Global Warming Deniers Block Action on Climate Change, Because They’re Flat-Earthers

Secretary of State John Kerry said at the Global Fishing Watch reception in D.C. that there is a small group of Americans who block every government action on global warming, because they think that once the ice caps melt – still waiting for that to happen – all that extra water will just “spill over the sides of a flat earth.”

Manmade global warming proponents are always comparing those who disagree with them to “flat-earthers.”

The idea that there was a time when Christians and other “uneducated” people believed that the Earth was flat is a complete myth. That myth was promulgated largely by Darwinists in the latter part of the 19th century as a way to discredit Creationists. There wasn’t ever a time when the consensus among Christians was that the Earth was flat. This lie was perpetuated to show that Christians held to their “religious dogma” in spite of evidence discovered by “brave” and “objective” scientists who were persecuted by Christians for their discovery. So in reality, opponents of Columbus’s voyage didn’t actually say that they were concerned he might fall off the edge of the Earth. Their concern was mostly about how far he would be going in unknown territory and how much it would cost to finance such an expedition.

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What we do see throughout history is that the establishment of any particular field of study – whether it be science or medicine – is usually the group that holds fast to its theories in spite of new evidence and findings that might show the establishment to be in error. They hold on to their theories for political and financial reasons. They use their own clout to silence and/or ridicule those who threaten the status quo that they’ve created for themselves.

And that’s just what the whole anthropogenic global warming myth is all about. They want to maintain their theories so they can benefit politically and financially from them. They can twist the scientific data to make it say whatever they want. And any scientist who tries to expose them for trying to cram inflated data inside a pre-formulated theory is ignored or discredited. We all know how an establishment treats whistleblowers.

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