John Kerry Explains the Bible is Pro-Muslim and Against Global Warming

I know what you’re thinking… “Um, what is with that title!”

But listen, our Secretary of State said something incredibly stupid (I know, I know – what else is new?).

On Wednesday, John Kerry basically said that Scripture commands us to protect Muslims from Climate Change.

I kid you not.

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At a ceremony to appoint Shaarik Zafar to be special representative to Muslim communities, the Secretary of State said that it was our Biblical responsibility as Christians (Jews and Muslims as well) to “confront climate change.”

Moreover, because Muslim countries are some of the poorest, it is also our duty to protect them from climate change.


“Our fates are inextricably linked on any number of things that we must confront and deal with in policy concepts today. Our fates are inextricably linked on the environment. For many of us, respect for God’s creation also translates into a duty to protect and sustain His first creation: Earth, the planet. Before God created man, He created Heavens and Earth. Confronting climate change is, in the long run, one of the greatest challenges that we face, and you can see this duty or responsibility laid down in scriptures, clearly, beginning in Genesis. And Muslim-majority countries are among the most vulnerable. Our response to this challenge ought to be rooted in a sense of stewardship of Earth. And for me and for many of us here today, that responsibility comes from God.”

I’m pretty sure we shouldn’t consider John Kerry an authority on Scripture. (Hopefully, you weren’t doing this to begin with…)

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