John Kerry Berates Israel While Ignoring Primary Peace Barrier

John Kerry stepped up to the podium on Wednesday to deliver what was said to be the “vision” of the Obama administration for a Israeli/Palestinian peace. Instead he presented a one-sided seventy-five minute, fact-starved, rant, that was little more than a bitter, sad ending to the most anti-Israel administration in the history of the modern State of Israel. The actual purpose of the Kerry speech was to give one last public thrashing to Israel subordinating the biggest roadblock to peace, the Palestinians refusal to recognize Israel as a Jewish State.

If one needs proof that Kerry’s speech was one-sided, just examine the words he used.  In almost the almost 9,500 speech giving the Administration’s vision of a comprehensive Middle-East peace the Secretary of State mentioned Israel’s threats; Iran 1x, Hezbollah 1x, Hamas 4x, terrorism 7x; but his objections to Israeli policy; occupation 14x, and settlements 42x. Twice he mentioned a draft bill in the Knesset that isn’t even law yet. And in Kerry’s prose Hamas wasn’t a terrorist organization, they were militants.

If creatures from another planet had the opportunity to observe Kerry’s bloviating, they might have come away the idea that Israeli settlers were akin to Stalin’s secret police, the NKVD, instead of what they are, families looking to peacefully raise their children. His use of a similar term “settlement units” was also misleading.  A “settlement unit” is not a new building, or complex, it is either an apartment or a house.

Despite the fact Kerry spent over an hour berating Israel about the settlements, Kerry himself said during his speech settlements weren’t the primary problem:

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