John Kasich Hopes Roe V. Wade is “Repealed”

So, Roe V. Wade can’t actually be “repealed.” There’s nothing there to repeal. No law has been passed, no vote taken, nothing. Roe V. Wade is a judicial opinion that women have a certain right to privacy and that the federal government (and since then the states as well) cannot legislate directly against abortion. That being said, we get what Governor John Kasich (R-OH) is trying to say here. He hopes that the Supreme Court will undo the damage they’ve done (over 60 Million Lives Lost) by issuing an opinion reversing Roe V. Wade.

It’s an important step for Kasich who’d like to win back a few of the conservatives he’s lost in his embrace of the Common Core and Medicaid expansion.

John Kasich: Well, George, I hope they do repeal Roe v. Wade and then, you know, it will be up to the states to decide how they want to proceed. It’ll be up to them to figure out what they want to do and that’s precisely what we would do.

George Stephanopoulos: But you said there are legitimate and constitutional restrictions that could be put on abortion – what are they?

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John Kasich: Well, George, you know, when you say constitutional restrictions or whatever. What I have to tell you is, I’ve been…

Yeah, well, I don’t know when I said it or why I said that, in particular. Probably out of context, but look, I mean I am opposed to abortion, except in the case of rape, incest and life of the mother. I hope Roe v. Wade will be repealed and then it will be turned the states and the states will have to figure out exactly what the restriction ought to be. Period. End of story.

George Stephanopoulos: So but if you believe that abortion is taking of innocent life, how do you enforce a ban on that activity?

John Kasich: Well that will be up to states to figure out what they want to do and obviously, when we have seen these comments that have come out earlier this week. It’s the first time I’ve seen the pro-life and the pro-choice people come together to say, you know, that we’ll have to we’ll have to basically work this out and trying to punish a women would not be the appropriate way to behave. And I think it’s going to take people working in a reasonable way working through it.

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