Joe Scarborough Turns on Donald Trump


Uh-oh. Donald Trump’s biggest establishment GOP supporter, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, has finally turned against Trump.

Mr. Trump has spent months building his credibility by visiting, sitting with and talking to the folks at MSNBC’s Morning Joe. He’s spent countless hours answering questions from liberal Mika Brzezinski and moderate Joe Scarborough, as well as handling questions from various other MSNBC contributors. For the most part, Trump has received generous (if not glowing) coverage from MSNBC’s flagship morning program and has used that to buttress his campaign. In fact, host Joe Scarborough has been mentioned on more than one occasion as a potential Vice Presidential candidate in a Trump administration. Sadly, it seems that the era of cozy companionship may be over as the relationship took a turn for the worse on Monday morning when the crew called out Trump for not condemning David Duke and the KKK.

CNN host Jake Tapper asked Trump multiple times about white supremacist support Sunday morning, but Trump wouldn’t directly reject it, even though he’d mentioned days earlier he did disavow Duke.

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“Well just so you understand, I don’t know anything about David Duke. OK? I don’t know anything about what you’re even talking about with white supremacy or white supremacists,” Trump said. “So, I don’t know. I mean, I don’t know, did he endorse me, or what’s going on? Because, you know, I know nothing about David Duke. I know nothing about white supremacists. And so, you’re asking me a question that I’m supposed to be talking about people that I know nothing about.”

Scarborough even called the faux pas “disqualifying” in nature.

“That’s disqualifying right there. It’s breathtaking. That is disqualifying right there. To say you don’t know about the Ku Klux Klan? You don’t know about David Duke? And the most stunning thing is … this isn’t buying him a single vote. Is he really so stupid that he think southerners aren’t offended by the Ku Klux Klan and David Duke?”

I think it’s safe to say that MSNBC’s Morning Joe is off of Donald Trump’s Christmas card list.

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