Joe Scarborough tells Harry Reid ‘You’re a Better Joseph McCarthy than me’

Earlier this week MSNBC’s Morning Joe team sat down with the often-villainized billionaires Charles and David Koch. The Koch brothers are demonized by liberals as the epitome of everything that is wrong with capitalism. Is it because the billionaire brothers are unethical or use their money to wreak havoc upon our planet? Nope. It’s because the Kochs are small government libertarian leaning conservatives who use their money to fund groups that agree with their political and philosophical beliefs. The Kochs have spent millions making this world a better place, but the Democrats just can’t get past the fact that they also use their money to support conservative candidates.

Hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski sat down with the brothers and offered them a fair opportunity to tell MSNBC’s viewers who they were and what they believed… and amazingly, the Koch brothers turned out to be much kinder men than the Democrats portray them to be.

(Make sure to check out the Morning Joe website to see a few other very interesting segments of their interview with the wealthy brothers.)

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Well, as most of us know, the Koch brothers have long been the favored target for the ire of Senate minority leader Harry Reid (D-NV). Reid has said some despicable things about the two brothers, including calling them “un-American” for choosing to participate in the political process by spending their money in campaigns across the country. Let’s just say that Reid was less than enthused about the Koch’s recent and friendly interaction on MSNBC.

Reid ripped into MSNBC, Joe Scarborough and Morning Joe from the floor of the Senate in a speech on Wednesday, condemning them all for treating the Koch’s fairly.

“That’s very good. Wow. Those were some really tough questions asked by the host of ‘Morning Joe.’ That’s sufficient journalism.

Those questions are so easy, they may even qualify them to moderate the next Republican presidential debate.”

While the Koch brothers have done their best to stay above the fray and have refrained from responding to Reid’s spurious and scurrilous remarks, Joe Scarborough doesn’t mind tangling with “Dingy Harry.” Here’s how Joe responded to Harry Reid’s comments:

“Hey Harry, sorry I can’t pull of that Joseph McCarthy routine as good as you hatefully calling people un-American.”


One of the segments that MSNBC did with Charles Koch focused on one aspect of his political involvement in particular, and it’s the one that I think bothers Harry Reid the most. See, if Charles Koch had his way, Harry Reid wouldn’t have been able to use his political power to make millions of dollars in what many would argue is just legal political corruption.

If it’s to get policies that will create, open up opportunities for people and get rid of all this corporatism and corporate welfare, wherein what? Seven out of the richest counties in the country are around Washington, D.C.? I mean and, and have two-year presidential campaigns where that’s all anybody’s focused on. Why is that? It just isn’t random. It’s because the government’s picking winners and losers. And you want to be a winner more than you do a loser, so you give to (slantic uver). The money that, that, that we, we raise, which we hope to raise $250 million for all elections, not just presidential, next year. Whether we can or not because I’m going to give very little to that because most of mine goes to my foundation and other things to advance these ideas. So what we’re working for is to get that picking winners and losers out of it. And then we won’t have two-year presidential campaigns because people will realize it’s more important to run their own lives rather than try to control (party) government.

I would love to have the government stop this corporate welfare. That’s what I want. I want the government to, to let companies, or require that companies only profit by helping make other people’s lives better. That’s what I want and that’s what I’m working for. 

I don’t care what Harry Reid says, the Koch brothers are good for America.

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