Joe Scarborough Angry about “Torture Report” Can’t Wait until Obama’s “Drone” Report Comes Out

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough made some great points on Thursday morning as he seemingly got a bit riled at the partisan hackery that was the Senate “torture report.” Democrats and their allies in the media are all agog over the recently released Feinstein report, as they point to it as proof of the malevolence of our intelligence agencies under a Republican President.

However, as Joe points out… which is worse: waterboarding three terrorist leaders to get useful information or dropping a bomb on apartment building and killing 15 people in an assassination attempt on one person?


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To Democrats, it is better to murder innocent people in a quick bombing a million miles away. Why? Kidnapping a terrorist, sneaking him to a “black site” and using questionable interrogation methods is messy. Democrats don’t like “messy”. When things are messy it can cost you an election. Drone strikes offer anonymity; they happen quickly and there is no information gained – so nothing new is learned. In the eyes of the Democrat Party, drone killings are better (perhaps even more morally acceptable) than capture and interrogation.

What does this tell us about the leaders of the Democrat Party? They are morally bankrupt and they are soullessly political.

Scarborough may be on to something here…

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