Joe Biden’s Super-Inappropriate Creepiness Continues

An interesting and creepy moment happened on Tuesday during the swearing in of incoming Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter.

Fortunately, it was captured for posterity by some intrepid White House photographer.



We can call this one “The Creeping Out of a Wife.”

Poor Stephanie Carter, I can almost imagine the thoughts stampeding through her head as she stands in the Pentagon watching the most important moment in her husband’s professional life take place. “Oh. My. Goodness. Don’t scream. Don’t scream. Don’t Scream. Why is he touching me?!”

Can you see her fighting the urge to shrug and squirm her way out of his two handed creepster grip? Can your see by her slight tilt of the head and cringe of the shoulders that she is desperately combatting the instinct to pull away from his uber-creepy whispering into her ear?

My heart goes out to her, and honestly, I am really impressed with her ability to keep her composure even under such a goose bumps inducing experience. With that kind of ice-water in her veins, maybe it’s Stephanie Carter who should be our new Defense Secretary?

Also, where were Crazy Uncle Pervert’s (er, I mean Joe’s) handlers? Why do they keep leaving him alone onstage with women? Don’t they know where his hands and mouth will eventually wander? Shouldn’t they be protecting these poor women from his vulture like claws?

C’mon, Joe! This whole weirdo perv vibe from our Vice President is getting played out and old. Just keep your hands to yourself!

Here’s a little montage of Creepy Joe for you to ruminate upon…

Creepy Joe Biden!

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