Joe Biden says ‘Abortion is ALWAYS Wrong’ Supports it Anyway

When then candidate Obama chose Joe Biden as his VP, the topic of abortion came up. Biden is Roman Catholic, and if there is a consistent voice of opinion in the Church it’s that abortion is a grave moral wrong. Biden has taken what he describes as a “middle-of-the-road position”:

“I remember vividly the first time, in 1973, I had to go to the floor to vote on abortion. A fellow Senator asked how I would vote. ‘My position is that I am personally opposed to abortion, but I don’t think I have a right to impose my view on the rest of society. I’ve thought a lot about it, and my position probably doesn’t please anyone. I think the government should stay out completely. I will not vote to overturn the Court’s decision. I will not vote to curtail a woman’s right to choose abortion. But I will also not vote to use federal funds to fund abortion.’”

In a recent interview, Biden said something similar:

“‘I’m prepared to accept that at the moment of conception there’s human life and being,’ Biden said, during an interview with Father Matt Malone, S.J. of ‘America Media.’

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‘Biden, however, said that he would not ‘impose’ that view on ‘non-­God­-fearing people that have a different view.’”

“At one point, Biden also acknowledged that ‘abortion is always wrong,’ but again, he doesn’t want to ‘impose doctrine’ on other people.” (H/T: Daily Caller)

When someone says that he or she is “personally opposed” to something, my first question is, “Why?” What is it about abortion that you oppose? This question is almost never asked of the “I’m personally opposed but” (IPOB) crowd.

I can see using this argument for “I’m personally opposed to smoking cigarettes,” or “I’m personally opposed to drinking alcohol,” but I don’t see how the IPOB argument works for abortion.

So we’re back to why Biden is personally opposed to abortion? Is it because abortion snuffs out a human life? If this is the reason, then being personally opposed must transfer over to the civil arena. If what is growing inside a woman’s womb is not a human life, then there is no reason even to be personally opposed. The reason a person can be personally opposed to cigarette smoking and alcohol and not impose that belief on other people is that the damage done to the body is personal. A preborn baby is not part of a woman’s body. He or she is a separate biological entity. An unborn baby is not like a diseased appendix or lung. What is born is another human being…

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