Jihadism and 21st Century Political Gains on Emasculated West

Guest Post by Memory Christina Motsi
Jihadism and 21st Century Political Gains on Emasculated West

A few days after Islamist gunmen Cherif and Said Kouachi, stormed the offices of a French satirical weekly magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris last year, killing 12 people before accomplices claimed another five in the same region of Ile-de-France, the mainstream media swamped the banlieues (suburbs), home to the brothers who were French citizens born in Paris to Algerian immigrants; together with fellow Muslims from mainly former French colonies in Africa.

Indeed, the aim of these banlieue investigative assignments were on a social, economic and political context, particularly integration. To distract and moderate the worst Islamophobia that the terror attacks had brought, the so-called liberal media concluded that stark disparities really existed in French society and were to blame for religious extremism.

Unfortunately the journalists’ findings were void of the true motivation of these al Qaeda-affiliated gunmen. According to witnesses outside the magazine’s offices, they proclaimed that they had avenged the Prophet Muhammad, while calling the religious motto “God is Great” in Arabic as well as names of murdered journalists.

On the other hand, despite France’s secular constitution – hence the irrelevance of religious extremism – there was no single mention of the economic inequalities among Christians, of the mainly Catholic faith.

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Unlike their Muslim counterparts, the Catholics – whose liberal Pope Francis publicly defended the religious emotions of the Islamist brothers and Islamic State accomplices, Amedy Coulibaly and fugitive wife Hayat Boumeddiene – have responded positively to satirical and sometimes disparaging Charlie Hebdo, Catholic articles.

Contrary to surging beliefs the world over that U.S. policies in the Middle East have fomented and engendered religious terrorism, Jihadism (struggle or war against nonbelievers), Christians and Jews, is as old as Islam.

Appearing frequently in the Koran, and one of the ten Practices of Religion in Twelver Shia Islam, Jihadism against Christianity was first launched at the Kingdom of Byzantine in A.D. 634. This successful and major attack, came as a result of Emperor Heraclius’s rejection of Prophet Muhammad’s Dawah-ul-Islam (invitation to embrace Islam) some years before.

From A.D. 652 when Muslims coming from Tunisia attacked Sicily, to the conquest of Spain in A.D. 711 and Lisbon in A.D. 716, as well as Islamic State-style attacks that followed on French cities such as Narbonne, Carcassone, Nimes, Avignon and Marseille; jihadism has preyed on the political decline of the West, due to factors such as quarrelling, demoralization and polarization of its people.

Fortunately for the hero of the Battle of Tours A.D. 732, Charles Martel (the Hammer) and John Sobieski, the Polish king who in 1683, defeated the Ottoman Turks thereby securing Christianity as the major religion in Europe; patriotism and nationalism back then, was a duty not today’s liberal translation of Fascism.

About the author:  Memory Christina Motsi is an international political writer based in Zimbabwe, and has exceptional knowledge of global politics, current affairs, foreign policy, geopolitics, economics, elections, immigration, demographics, gun laws, history, religion, etc.

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