Jesse Jackson Claims Hillary Actually Won the Election, but ‘It Was Stolen’

Why is it honestly so hard for liberals to grasp the concept that their precious pantsuit, Hillary Clinton, LOST the election? She did not win. She did not have it stolen from her. Nothing was unfair.

The people voted and the people won. Case in point. GIVE IT UP! We do not feel sorry for Hillary. In fact, we are not even satisfied with her loss. We want her to be in prison as well to pay for all the lies and murders that fall in her dark shadow.

As if it wasn’t bad enough hearing it from the left wing media. now Rev. Jesse Jackson has stepped up to state that Clinton really “won the election” but that “it was stolen.”


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He stated this is a room full of people on Thursday morning in Chicago, at the annual conference of the Rainbow PUSH coalition.


He said, “To have a head of our party who is sensitive to the plight of working people is the order of this day,” Jackson said. “Don’t forget — when you lose, you tend to amplify ‘woulda, coulda, shoulda.’ When you win, you cover up your sins. Don’t let anybody fool you, we worked last year, we won the election. It was stolen.”

Jackson continued, “From John F. Kennedy to Nixon to Carter to Ford to Clinton to Barack, if any of them had to face the impact of … Russian interference in such a bold way … the foolishness of the Electoral College and the interference of the FBI … none of them … Hillary won in spite of having a 3-million vote lead. So we’re not gonna let anybody break our spirit. We’re gonna keep fighting back. A big election is coming up this year, and we intend to win.”



This guy is almost as much of a joke as Hillary Clinton!
Here is a short clip of some of his nonsense rantings:

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