Jerry Brown Crushed by Republican Challenger in California Governor’s Debate

Look, the debate shouldn’t have been close. Republican Neel Kashkari is brilliant. He’s an intellectual conservative who has experience living out his conservative beliefs in the world. Jerry Brown is the opposite of intellectual, and he is a wholly political creature. Everything he says, does and even thinks… are completely politically motivated.

On almost every question, Kashkari levels Brown with facts and emotion. The debate was almost like watching a prize-fighter face a blind man… it was ugly from start to finish, and Kashkari came home the winner.


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The money line in the debate was “He’s raising your gas prices to fund his vanity project, the high-speed train. What I call the crazy train.”

Kashkari isn’t a perfect candidate. He’s not what we at Eagle Rising would call a “conservative,” but in California… he’s probably as conservative as we could hope for. This election in California is definitely going to be about “the lesser of two evils,” but at least there clearly is a lesser evil to choose.

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