My Jerk Boss Won’t Pay for My Groceries! I’m Going to Starve!

Liberals pride themselves in being more logical, reasonable, and scientific than conservatives, but the Hobby Lobby case has proven that this general picture of liberals is all wrong. They also tell us that they are more compassionate, loving, and interested in the welfare of people less fortunate.

Hogwash! Have you seen some of the “burn down the Hobby Lobby stores” tweets?

While driving home from a business meeting, I heard an interview with Hillary Clinton. Just listening to her speak makes my skin crawl. Every word that comes out of her mouth is a lie. I can’t say it any other way.

bossShe’s a lawyer. She’s supposed to deal in facts. There is enough information about the Hobby Lobby case for anyone to get the facts straight. It’s obvious that she was playing to the dregs of her party. She was purposely lying or she was woefully misinformed which disqualifies her from ever holding political office.

The 5-4 majority did not deny any woman contraceptives. Even the usually liberal USA Today gets it mostly right for anybody who cares to know the facts.

The ruling of the court was based on the 1993 Religious Freedom Restoration Act. “The bill was passed by a unanimous U.S. House and a near unanimous U.S. Senate with three dissenting votes and was signed into law by President Bill Clinton.”

Has it gotten so bad in America that people can’t put two pieces of information together and draw a conclusion?

Consider a few analogies. Employers are not required to pay for food, clothing, and housing.


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