Jeopardizing Our Basic Being

This title is the most applicable perspective for what the remnants of a basic and once proud, patriotic and hard working party now deems worthy for discarding.

By- Jim Bowman

This title is the most applicable perspective for what the remnants of a basic and once proud, patriotic, and hard working party now deems worthy for discarding. Hopefully, America, but more importantly, those in whom we place the public’s trust, would expect that this is not only an exorbitant price but totally suicidal.

As this Democrat wrecking ball plunders at will, into the centuries of law, order and common sense, is there any pause that could muster a self examining as to what they are actually willing to sacrifice in order to stop a Supreme Court nomination; a candidate who without such falsities being charged represents the epitome of judicial thought and excellence? Such a pause may entail the most simplest of queries; for what and on what basis?

Three players are intricately involved within the shenanigans of Ms. Ford and Sen. Feinstein. First is Ms. Ford, who without her sudden memory and guilt, Kavanaugh would be proceeding towards confirmation smoothly. Second and thirdly, there is the opening date of the Supreme Court’s next session, October 1st and of course the intruding gorilla of the mid-terms on November sixth.

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It is interesting and very telling that given the current hoopla over a beer bust from the early eighties, the accuser lacks any recall to such generalities as the ‘when or where’ of the party, of who was there or how she returned home. Yet in a September 17th AP article by Darlene Superville entitled, “Kavanaugh accuser comes forward,” Ms. Ford remembers and “says Kavanaugh groped her over her clothes, ground his body against hers and tried to take off her one-piece swimsuit and the outfit she wore over it.”

As is often the case with story lines, the more said, the more has to be remembered. I didn’t make this up, it’s fact and this is why the habitual liar will be very concise when revealing the tale. Now, however trivial it may seem, just how does one try to “take off her one-piece swimsuit” when apparently her clothes remained on her body? I assume this since the details she furnished never mentioned being disrobed. Another detail of her intent, appeared in the closing paragraph of another lengthy AP September 18th piece entitled, “Nominee, accuser to testify publicly Monday,” which for some reason posed a ‘what if’ that, “Katz said Ford believes ‘she would have been raped’ by Kavanaugh had he not been drunk.”

Now forgive this frank rebuttal but from being young once, I, nor did any other of my friends ever mention an inability to perform based upon an overabundance of alcohol. Sorry, but at that age, such a goal would negate any physical inability. So, from a fifty one year old, with decades of marriage and with an already documented faulty memory, could it be that more recent experiences remain the most vivid. This might be off color somewhat but as mom used to say, “the truth often hurts.”

As for the two dates, which have somehow found the media’s secondary bin, the first, October 1st seems to have dictated Ms. Ford’s delay of appearing. Having her resume in full view, it would hardly upset her to postpone a confirmation vote of one she views as a detestable political opponent.

The latter date in November is for the whole political enchilada, or so it would seem, given the polls and the expectations for their blue wave. Together with this last minute gasp from Sen. Feinstein, which cannot really be debated as anything else other than what is taking place, one might say that the foregoing statements and actions concur in validating that this entire episode is nothing more than a political hit within the supposed neutrality of our judicial arena.

Conclusions are many and still yet to be voiced from our media outlets. First is the harm upon our system of justice and to the apparent disregard that one party is willing to further. Secondly, are the injuries to the prospective Judge, his family, to our Constitutional system and to the trust and faith which Americans provide for their governing. Lastly, this turmoil is despicable in that it’s grandiose display is emblematic of just how little value one major political party holds for whether it be country or power!

In the days and weeks after all this settles, especially following the mid term outcomes, little will be written about, as was and is the case from past character assaults generated by the Left. Now isn’t this consistency from the Left the most damning evidence of all? Is the nomination of one Judge so critical that a party is willing to be no more? If this is so, it’s not one person who generates this “all or nothing” tactic. Sadly it’s what he represents, our Constitution and its order. So, let us not hear any more democracy chatter since the democrats themselves are willing to risk all for the destruction of what America is and always will be; this in fact, a Constitutional Republic!

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