Jeff Sessions: DOJ Will Sue California

The Justice Department will sue California over their sanctuary law.

According to the Attorney General, the Department of Justice plans to sue California for refusing to cooperate with federal immigration law.

This puts Democrats in the weird position of defending “state’s rights” over against the federal government.

In this case, a state is claiming the right to let aliens into the country illegally. By being a sanctuary state, California is arrogating the right to admit aliens who can then move into other states.

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The Washington Times reports, “Justice Department suing California over sanctuary laws.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions opened a new front in the legal war over California’s sanctuary city policies Tuesday, announcing it would ask a federal court to halt three state laws that prohibit police and businesses from cooperating with federal agents.

Mr. Sessions said California’s laws trample on the federal government’s own powers to set national immigration policy.

But beyond the legal questions, the Trump administration says sanctuary laws endanger communities by freeing criminals back onto the streets, putting both immigration officers and others at risk.

“The Department of Justice and Trump administration are going to fight these unjust, unfair and unconstitutional policies that have been imposed on you,” Mr. Sessions will say in a speech Wednesday to the California Peace Officers Association, where he’s expected to announce the lawsuit.

Department officials planned to file the suit late Tuesday in federal district court in Sacramento.

The move comes just days after California Attorney General Xavier Becerra accused the Trump administration of “terrorizing” immigrant communities with an enforcement sweep in the state’s bay area.

The mayor of Oakland also tipped immigrants off to the sweep, sparking outrage from federal officials who said she may have helped as many as 800 criminal migrants escape deportation officers.

The White House confirmed last week that Mayor Libby Schaaf is under investigation for her actions.

She said she doesn’t regret her warning.

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