Je Suis Charlie: Why the Freedom to Offend Is Important

“Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear.”  —Harry Truman


With Responsibility Comes the Exercise of Freedom

Yes, with freedom comes responsibility.  But shutting up, out of respect to the feelings of Muslim terrorists, is not something that engenders responsibility, for we know the risk of the ultimate violence that will surely ensue, if we choose not to sound the alarm.

What are we risking, if we cave to Islamic terror and fail to speak out?  Limiting speech is actually irresponsible and makes matters worse.  Not only are the terrorists appeased, not only do they end up strengthening their position; but, by not speaking against them, we abet the downward spiral of classical liberalism in the West by harmonizing our actions with the calls of those who cry out against free speech, claiming that it is selfish, irresponsible, even wrong.


More Speech Is the Solution

free speechBut free speech is not wrong!  The proper remedy for bad speech is actually more speech.  What is needed is a proper conversation.  How are the wrong ideas of others to be corrected, if we do not let them first speak, so that we may disabuse them of their false notions?  And what if there is something of value to be found, even within the verbiage of a foolish utterance?  The absence of discourse merely perpetuates division and the existence of half-baked ideas that could have evolved into something better as a result of civil discourse.


Cultural Conversations

The entirely responsible thing about the French publication Charlie Hebdo is that it brings up assertions—be they true or false—that poke fun at religion.  The proper response is to add to the conversation, in order to create understanding—even tolerance—on both sides.  The faithful can come to understand the views of those who lack faith, and atheists and agnostics can, in turn, learn why some of us value religious ethics.

The value of a free press is that the culture benefits from the discussion of issues it reports and critiques.  An honest airing of all sides of a controversy can help the public to think through a problem in a way that would be impossible without the public forum that only a free press is capable of providing.  Truly, it takes all the voices of civil society to think up all the possible ways of attacking a problem.

Over time, certain ideas will fall by the wayside.  The preferred ways to address certain problems will change over time, as the relative strengths and weaknesses of certain approaches become apparent.  Honest representations will allow the citizenry to come to an honest reckoning of opinion by the time the public conversation on a certain issue has played out.

On the other hand, imagine a world where many ideas go unchallenged out of politically-correct politeness.  Good ideas are no problem, but what if bad ideas go unchallenged?  Left unchallenged—even out of politeness—they can live on for a long time, and they could prove harmful to a culture that fears to challenge them.


Some Inconvenient Truths about Islam

In majority-Muslim cultures, women undergo genital mutilation; it is also legal to honor-kill rape victims (unless four men testify on behalf of the victim that it was rape); honor killings of girls who date outside their faith are encouraged; gays and lesbians are often put to death; those who leave the faith are sentenced to death; and non-Muslims must pay extra taxes and give up most of the rights guaranteed to Muslims.  In Canada, I could be sent to jail for writing down these facts, if a Muslim sued me, because he was offended.  Offending people is against the law in Canada.


Canada Is No Longer Free

free speechJust this month, in January of 2015, a Canadian man was sent to prison for 18 months for saying “Islam is evil.”  The magistrate, obviously no fan of Salman Rushdie, told Eric Brazau with respect to the matter, “You had a ticket to ride, not a pass to harass.”  Salman Rushdie, Muslim author of The Satanic Verses, is famous for having said, “What is freedom of expression? Without the freedom to offend, it ceases to exist.”  (Read more at about Eric Brazau here:


The Muslim Fiefdoms of France

In France alone, there exist at least 751 Muslim no-go zones, and the number is growing.  These are areas under Sharia Law, where French law no longer is enforced.  This has evolved, because nobody would speak out against independent Muslim fiefdoms.  People were “polite” out of fear of being called “politically incorrect,” or—even worse—“racist.”  So now, the most racist and dangerous areas of France are Muslim no-go zones.  (If I were writing these words in France, by the way, the Mayor of Paris might sue me, as she is now suing Fox News for reporting these same facts, thereby hurting French Muslims’ feelings.)

Within the precincts of these fiefdoms, non-Muslim women are raped, Jews are attacked and killed, and Christians suffer assaults with increasing frequency.  Being an atheist or agnostic makes you no safer; an unbeliever is still an infidel and a valid target of any angry jihadist wishing to execute Koranic dictates.


Obama’s Immigration Policies Abet the Jihad

quiet free speechThere are now at least 22 terrorist training camps open for business, right here in America.  One of them is even called Islamberg!  (See more about Islamberg here:  Left-wing media, morally bankrupt and pro-Islamist as they are, will not report this, nor will they report the fact that President Obama continues to release Muslim jihadists from Gitmo at an alarming rate, despite knowing that 30% to 40% of them return to the jihad to murder non-Muslims again.

It appears that illegal aliens crossing our border are not only of the Spanish-speaking variety.  Many come to set up terrorist training camps, and they are beginning to practice for future jihadist attacks here.  Speaking out against this is not Islamophobia.  And it is not racism, either.  Our freedom demands that it be reported.

Even if there are individual Muslims that are not sympathetic to the efforts of jihadists, most of these individuals are cowed by their violence-wielding fellows.  These moderates are not much help in opposing the mounting jihad against the West.


Bill Maher Speaks

Bill Maher says this, concerning Islamic jihadist attacks: “This happens way too frequently, except it’s like Groundhog’s Day, and the groundhog keeps getting his head cut off. . . .  In ten Muslim countries, you can get the death penalty just for being gay.  They chop heads off in the square, in Mecca.  Well, Mecca is their Vatican City.  If they were chopping the heads off of Catholic gay people, wouldn’t there be a bigger outcry among liberals?”  (Bill Maher, who thinks all religions are “stupid”—God forgive him—can be heard to speak out against Islamic bad behavior here:


America’s New War

To sum up, Americans must speak their politically-incorrect minds.  We need everybody thinking and alert.  Do not patronize news services who promote political correctness and who refuse to report honestly on the culture jihad taking place.

We are in a war now.  Whether we like it or not, Islam has declared war on the West.  The American Revolution—the promulgation in our land of freedom as the solution to government tyranny—goes 100% against the illiberal Islamic ideology of submission.  There are also those who say that freedom of religion—when it comes to Judeo-Christian tradition—is superstitious and undeserving of protection, that free speech and free press are selfish and irresponsible, and that government should rein us in, as the Democrats tried to do last spring in their effort to repeal the First Amendment (see that story here:

Under Obama, every right of Americans under the Bill of Rights has come under attack.  And now, Muslims wishing special privileges for themselves, and the silencing of all other voices, are attacking the Constitution as well, insisting that they be able to use Sharia, rather than American law.  We must fight against the destruction of our culture of freedom.  Those who do not wish to join a free republic should not come here.  This is America, where free expression is at the root of our civil society.  And, in a free country, the right to offend is everything.  Just ask Salman Rushdie.

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