JC Watts Endorses TW Shannon!

Oklahoma Conservative icon J.C. Watts, who also happens to be an African-American, has come out in support of Republican Senatorial candidate T.W. Shannon.

In Shannon’s latest positive ad, Watts is seen pushing back against distortions of Shannon’s political record and reminding Oklahomans that Shannon is a TRUE conservative.

We hope all of our readers in Oklahoma will take J.C. Watts’ message to heart and vote for T.W. Shannon in the Republican primary and in November as well.

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“Don’t believe the false attacks against T.W. Shannon. I know T.W. Shannon. We’ve broken bread together, prayed together and worked together for the conservative cause.

“As Oklahoma speaker, T.W. Shannon reduced debt, reformed welfare, and stopped President Obama’s Medicaid expansion. Now, negative ads are trying to distort his record. The truth? T.W. Shannon will oppose more debt and fight to balance the budget. I’m voting for T.W. Shannon and hope you will too.”

You can learn more about T.W. Shannon at his website.

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