Jared Kushner Credited with Foxconn Deal

Jared Kushner was helping his father-in-law make good on his economic promises by making a Foxconn deal that gets China to invest in manufacturing in Wisconsin.

Donald Trump is hoping the Foxconn deal will bring prosperity to Wisconsin.

Jared Kushner was helping his father-in-law make good on his economic promises by making a Foxconn deal that gets China to invest in manufacturing in Wisconsin. Will it work? Maybe. I don’t like the government getting involved in business decisions but maybe this one will leave the residents of Wisconsin better off. Certainly, if Trump wants to win Wisconsin’s votes is 2020 he is motivated to make sure the deal works as intended!

CNBC reports, “Trump heads to Wisconsin to tout a new Foxconn plant, while Harley-Davidson talks tariffs just up the road.

The ceremonial groundbreaking for a massive $10 billion Foxconn factory complex in Wisconsin was supposed to be evidence that the manufacturing revival fueled by President Donald Trump’s “America First” policy is well underway.

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But an announcement this week by Harley-Davidson that it is moving some production of motorcycles overseas to avoid tariffs is fueling unease in Wisconsin — a state Trump barely won and where fellow Republican Gov. Scott Walker is on the ballot in just over four months.

The contrasting news — Harley is based just 30 miles (48.28 kilometers) north up the interstate in Milwaukee — provides the backdrop for Trump’s visit Thursday where he’ll speak at the Foxconn site and hold a closed-door fundraiser just a couple miles away from Harley’s headquarters.

Walker is counting on a strong economy as part of his case for re-election. Wisconsin’s unemployment is at record-low levels and Walker argues that the Foxconn project, the largest economic development deal in state history, shows that Wisconsin is on the right track.

When the deal, reached with the assistance of the Trump White House, was signed last year, Walker said critics could “suck lemons” and “all of us in the state should be smiling, Republican and Democrat, doesn’t matter.”

A year later, opinion polls show Wisconsin voters are split on the project and the state of the economy.

“I read conflicting reports,” said Katherine Wikoff, 58, a professor at the Milwaukee School of Engineering […].

Wikoff said she has concerns about increasing traffic and environmental impacts of the Foxconn project, including water usage, but also said it could spur more economic development.

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Claiming that Trump’s son-in-law desverves credit for the FoxConn deal, The Washington Examiner reports, “Trump’s No. 1 deal maker, Jared Kushner, takes winning streak to Wisconsin for 13,000 jobs.

Fresh from a whirlwind peace mission through the Middle East, the administration’s top deal maker, Jared Kushner, is heading to Wisconsin with President Trump to celebrate the biggest jobs deal of his young White House career, […].


It joins a growing list of deals administration officials credit to Trump’s son-in-law:

–The emergence of a Middle East peace outline.

–Work bringing the 2028 Summer Olympics back to Los Angeles.

–A $110 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia.

–Securing soccer’s World Cup in North America in 2026, with an expected 75 percent of the games –being played in the U.S., the rest in Canada and Mexico.

–Bipartisan support for criminal justice reform.

And don’t forget his behind-the-scenes role as the Trump presidential campaign’s CEO.


Officials said that while Kushner hasn’t sought out attention for his deal making, they have been surprised by critics and the media that belittle his efforts or ignore it altogether.

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