Jake Tapper: ‘Trump’s Path to Power was Tread on a Road of Leaks’ [VIDEO]

President Trump – as well as many others – have characterized the leaks originating inside the intelligence community against Gen. Flynn as ‘criminal.’ Trump also decried the ‘unfair’ way his former national security advisor – ‘a wonderful man’ – was treated by what he called the ‘fake media.’

However, a day prior to President’s Trump’s statement on Flynn’s resignation, White House press secretary Sean Spicer had said that Trump “no longer had the trust” of his national security advisor.

Tapper – and many in the media – are trying to use this as evidence of miscommunication in the White House, as part of a larger narrative depicting the current administration as a bunch of bungling buffoons, in stark contrast to the pristine, well-oiled machine that was the Obama administration.

Tapper also wanted to point out how candidate Trump didn’t seem to have any problem at all with leaks. In fact, “candidate Trump’s path to power was tread on a road of leaks,” the CNN host said. But all of a sudden, leaks are ‘criminal?’

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Tapper sees this as a contradiction. Maybe it is. But it could just as easily be pointed out that during the campaign, the Democrats avoided the leaked content from Hillary Clinton’s campaign emails like the plague, and instead focused all their outrage on who leaked them. 

They also described the leaker – Wikileaks, whom they claimed was working with Putin – as a criminal who should be brought to justice for trying to influence the election in favor of Donald Trump. And now, all of a sudden, the entity responsible for leaking intel on Gen. Flynn is a whistleblower ‘hero?’


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