Ivy League Students ask Disgusting Questions of Rick Perry

Governor Rick Perry (R-TX) recently visited Dartmouth College to answer student questions about the results of the 2014 midterm elections. Instead of a thoughtful and well reasoned list of questions for the Governor, these Ivy League geniuses chose to ask things like…

“In 2002, you supported Texas’s anti-sodomy law. Do you (Rick Perry) dislike bootysex because the peeny goes in where the poopy comes out?”

“I know you have been very strong on all foreign policy issues, including Somali pirates, but what is your stance on butt pirates?”

“You have recently been involved in a corruption scandal. Would you like to have anal sex with me later?”

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And some of the questions are actually even worse…


dartmouth questions



For their part, both of the official campus political groups — Republican and Democrat — were appalled at the questions developed by the liberal student body.

“They were phrased in incredibly insulting ways, and I’m horrified,” Michelle Knesbach, president of the College Republicans told The Dartmouth. “We allow people to ask policy-driven questions, but when they’re phrased in an insulting manner, we try to avoid that, because it just detracts from the overall political discourse we can have on campus.”

Spencer Blair, the president of the College Democrats and a writer for The Dartmouth, also thought the questions were disrespectful to the governor.

“I think it’s really disappointing that anyone would undermine a serious political event with sexually explicit questions, and neither I nor anyone from College Democrats would ever condone such behavior,” said Blair. “We appreciate Governor Perry visiting campus, as we encourage any sort of political engagement and discourse here at Dartmouth.”

I appreciate that both Democrats and Republicans were upset – but let’s face it. The students at Dartmouth allowed this to happen. In fact, many of them probably appreciated the bit of irreverent treatment for a Republican leader. This is what is being bred on our college campuses – especially our supposedly superior schools of higher learning, like Dartmouth, Brown, Yale, Harvard, etc. There is no fair and reasoned debate to be had, simply the demand that conservatives admit that our morality is immoral and that the liberal anti-morality is supreme.

Well, we’ll never agree to those terms. You can continue to berate and humiliate us. You can continue to persecute us for our beliefs. You can continue to demand our silence and our fealty… but we will never give in to your disgusting anti-moral culture.

We will continue to speak out. We will continue to speak the things that we believe and the reasons that we believe them. To shut us up, you will have to eradicate us.

Good luck.

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