I’ve Made Mistakes… but I’m Proud that I Never did Anything as Stupid as Vote for Obama.

My  Life Was Too Complex To Vote For Obama


I was a spoiled brat as a teenager.  My family lived in Great Neck among the rich Jews. In 64 I drove a Jaguar XKE convertible.  I was the James Bond of the high school.  I proudly parked it in the school lot.


I was one of the only kids in school to do drugs.  In those days drugs were unheard of to the normal student. I started with pot and then grabbed Benzedrine’s and valiums from my mother’s closet. I went to a shooting gallery in Harlem to watch people shoot up heroin.  That was not for me.  I knew my  limits. Heroin was a death sentence.


I also did freaky stuff like snort glue, plastic wood and Clorox bleach.  I was lucky I didn’t go blind or die.


I got into a lot of street fights and ripped a kid’s face open with pebbles and busted another kid’s head open with a pipe. I don’t think I wanted to kill him but I might have done just that if I  hit harder.


I think that I was rougher than Ben Carson.  All these politicians trying to be tough.  Ben bragged about stabbing someone. I am ashamed of what I did.


I turned around and became a pacifistic student. I got a Ph.D. in 1976.  I published literary  articles and poetry.


I lost my adjunct lecturer job at Hunter College and went into the insurance business. Somehow I learned how to wheel and deal and made a bundle in a couple of years. I had a chauffeured Rolls Royce, flew the Concord to France and ate Caviar at Petrossian.


My wife was laced in diamonds and bought couture dresses at Givenchy, Oscar de la Renta , Channel and Versace.


I had been ranked in tennis and ski racing. In 1984 I took up boxing and became a pro. I busted a lot of my bones and had a few concussions.  I was knocked out and knocked other people out.


I did a movie, “Boxer Rebellion,” about my boxing career and it played at Sundance Film Festival. My director was part of the Andy Warhol crowd and the movie was too freaky to get a distributer.


I lost my business and  went to jail in 1993 for tax evasion.  I had a great time writing poems, screenplays and working out.  In 1995 I got out and tried to reconstruct my life.


I had been an entitled  liberal and jail made me into a man.  I looked for no favors and accepted my punishment—even relished it.


I was a star in jail.  The felons had seen me box on television and the blacks knew my rap album, “The Renegade Jew.”


When they let me out I felt like petitioning for more time. But I wasn’t that crazy.  Almost.


Then  I did some modeling and acting. I made three rap albums and was charted on Billboard.  I did a television commercial with Anna Kournikova. I made a few bucks but decided to teach boxing to get a regular income. 


I had good and bad in my life.  I did positive things and negative. I made a lot of mistakes but I am proud that I never did anything as stupid as vote for Obama.


I saw through Obama’s  superficial pretense into a cowardly heart that betrayed his country.


And now we have to contend with Obama’s cantankerous progeny—Hillary.  Obama and Hillary are children of the phony Democrat party.


They proselytize the middle class and stab them in the backs. Their sweet talk does not make for sweet lives.

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