Ivanka Trump Says Some Dems Want Tax Reform; the Party Won’t Let Them

She claims there have been productive conversations with Democrats who want tax reform but leadership prevents them from supporting it.

Do some Democrats want tax reform? The media is telling us that the Republican tax plan is horrible and that all Democrats oppose it. But Ivanka Trump said something different on Fox and Friends yesterday. She claimed that Party leadership was preventing Democrats from supporting tax reform.

Is she right? It is difficult for me to believe that every single Democrat believes the Obama economy was wonderful. They have seen the economy do amazing things under Trump, largely based on optimistic expectations. Some might realize that they don’t want to disappoint those hopes.

The Washington Times reports, “Ivanka Trump: Democratic leadership holding members back from supporting tax reform.

“We’ve had a lot of very productive conversations with Democrats, who I believe are intellectually there, their hearts are there, but the party is not there, the leadership is not there,” Ms. Trump, President Trump’s daughter and senior adviser, said on Fox News.


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“But I’m hopeful with, really, this enormous and historic win for the American people, we come into 2018 with such tremendous momentum […].”

Ivanka Trump has frustrated me on some issues, but her work promoting tax reform and deregulation has been stellar. Here she is talking about those issues with Sean Hannity.

Read the entire Washington Times story.

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