Ivanka Trump for President? Her Mother Suggests Possibility!

Ivana Trump, President Donald Trump’s ex-wife (married from 1977 to 1992) and Ivanka Trump’s mother, seems to think that Ivanka could possibly do what Hillary Clinton couldn’t: become president.

Ivanka is an advisor to her father, and has not spoken about running, nor has she ever ran for office, but Ivana predicts the day is coming. Ivanka did state though, in 2016 to Cosmopolitan when asked if she would consider running, “I have learned in life to never say never! It is too limiting!”

She added, ” That said, I am wholly focused on the growth of my own company — my lifestyle brand and IvankaTrump.com, a digital destination for women who work — as well as working alongside my brothers to expand the global footprint of The Trump Organization.”

Ivana wrote in her book, “Maybe in fifteen years she could run for president,” in reference to her daughter running the country in her new book, “Raising Trump.”

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Ivana said, “First Lady? Holds no appeal for me personally. First Mother? That could work.”

According to AP News, Ivana and Donald Trump are on good terms and speak regularly. She reportedly encourages him to continue using Twitter. (YES!!!)

She said in a CBS News interview this week that she was offered the post of ambassador to the Czech Republic, her native country, but turned it down because she already has “a perfect life.” The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment about the ambassadorship post.

Much of the book is spent recounting Ivana Trump’s childhood in Europe, her burgeoning modeling career in New York and Trump’s courtship. She writes that, at their first meeting, Trump secured her and friends a table at a hot Manhattan restaurant, paid the check and chauffeured her back to her hotel in a giant Cadillac.

“My instincts told me that Donald was smart and funny — an all-America good guy,” Ivana Trump writes.

Her children also contribute passages to the book, and Ivana Trump muses that her former husband may not be the only Trump to call the White House home.

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