Ivana Trump: ‘Trump’s Not Racist, but He is a Stable Genius’

It is no secret that President Trump and his ex-wife Ivana Trump, and mother of his three oldest children, are still good friends.

Ivana spoke up while guest starring on “Good Morning Britain,” and said that the president is not at all “racist” and that’s she’s never heard him say something that could “be construed as racist.”

This comes in the midsts of Trump not only being accused of calling other countries “sh*tholes,” but also as liberals revamp the accusations of him being racist.

Host Piers Morgan asked Ivana, “Is he a racist?”

“I don’t think Donald’s racist at all. Sometimes he says these things which are silly or [that] he doesn’t really mean,” she responded,  “But he’s definitely not racist.”

When asked about Trump’s tweeting, she said, “He’s not going to change. I think the tweeting is not actually a bad idea. The press changes every word you say, and they twist it,” she continued,  “[Tweets] come from his mouth.”

Fox News Insider: 

Regarding claims the president has been abusive or acted in an untoward manner toward women, Ms. Trump said she was “treated fantastic” when she was married to him from 1977 to 1992.

“I never had a problem. [Donald] was always polite,” Ivana said,  “During the divorce it was nasty because the lawyers got involved.”

However, she said they reconnected afterwards and became friends again. “If it would be me in Melania’s place, I would not really like it – the ex-wife calling my husband,” she continued.

She also commented on the tweet in which Trump called himself a “stable genius,” and agreed with him.

“I don’t think Donald is going to do anything irrational. He is a stable genius, definitely,” she concluded.

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