It’s Often Been Termed ‘The Information Age’; But is It?

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It’s often been termed “the information age,” but is it?  I mean, information comes in all forms and sizes.  And when considering just how basic is our misunderstandings, could the information being spouted actually be detrimental?

Certainly seems that way given the popular “on the street” interviews by Jesse Watters.  While his TV audiences chuckle over the errant guesses and embarrassing answers of many college-aged Americans, the general lack of knowledge should be a cause for concern rather than laughter.

Judge our institutionalized unknowing by this defining point, common to all generations; name America’s form of government.  Most will confidently cite “a democracy,” but they will be wrong.  And why is this?  What causes the vast majority of the influential and well known to echo what our Founders disdained?  Obviously, the difference between what we’ve been taught and the actual reality of our Constitutional, or if you like, a Representative Republic remains ignored.  But why?

While one governing form is based on and stirred by the emotions of the majority, the other is a government of written laws.  Consider the recent demand which clamors for the “popular vote” when determining our President.  Few pause to realize that the absence of the discredited popular vote standard null and voids America being a democracy.  Still, this mainstream notion continues ad nauseam.

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The proper information which is available through an Americanized educational format should be the call of our times.  We as a free people cannot continue down this globalized path without injuring our Constitutional foundations.  In fact, much has already been introduced and applauded because of our ignorance.

Back in 1913, the Seventeenth Amendment’s ratification drastically altered the method of and purpose for manning our Senate chamber in Washington.  Previously, Senators were chosen by the legislatures of each State and were in turn, directly responsible to that State body.

Today’s out-of-control federal budget numbers are a direct result from the disconnect of being accountable to State governance.  Prior to that Amendment, federal budget overrides had to be divided up among the States based upon population figures.  How many times would Senators report home that the Federal expenditures needed State funding before they would be replaced?

Today, Senators pass outlandish budgets without any fear of recourse.  Hence, our National debt now stands at approximately twenty billion!  All this just so the people had a more direct say in choosing their Senators?

Ask yourself which is easier?  Accountable governing or the unaccountable version?  Obviously, it’s the latter.  Not only is it easier but so much more profitable.  Again, which is easier; to govern over an informed and knowledgeable populace or one that remains unaware of what is? The answers to these questions provides ample reasoning and understanding as to why our school curriculums skirt constitutional/governmental instructions.  As a result, America is slowly being led to a financial slaughter.

And within this scenario, the greed and profitability index is just one factor. Once the financial goals have been met, the next step is to amass power sufficient to further ensure the continuation of one’s position.  This is where corruption really blooms without any regard.  One might recognize such shenanigans with today’s prosperous “foundation” type initiatives.

Suffice to say that all these in place structures are not geared for the welfare of our country or her people.  Listen to the back and forth bantering post January 20th; it’s all about what has been relished over these decades of greed and self serving.  This “push back,” from all quarters, is the outward efforts from those who rightly realize that what has been will no longer be.

The pre-Trump times were filled with these self-aggrandizing efforts from and for the well-positioned.  The mere fact that one, from their own moneyed class would turn, only heightens their resolve.

Much that has transpired has occurred basically from a trusting people but more importantly, from a populace which remained in the dark as to what was actually being conspired.  And the word “conspire” is intentional since that is exactly what the total picture presents.

Much if not all former traditions, foundational assurances and the like, whether it be educational, governmental or social have either been abandoned or revised.  And when the bottom line or result from these revisions benefits a certain segment, it defines the word “conspire.”  This is what has to change, and for we the people, a change-maker he is.

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