It’s Not Just the Emails! Hillary Clinton’s Computers were Unsecured Too!

By this time you’ve no doubt heard quite a bit about Hillary Clinton’s email servers and the fact that the FBI has already found hundreds of potentially classified emails sent through her private (and unguarded) email accounts. On Wednesday Fox News revealed that the FBI got involved when they discovered two classified emails in particular that had passed through the hands of Clinton aides and through their unsecured email network.

An email from a top Clinton adviser containing classified military intelligence information, and one from a top aide containing classified information about the Benghazi terror attack, were the documents that kick-started the FBI investigation into the mishandling of classified information, Fox News has learned. 

The first was forwarded by Clinton adviser Huma Abedin and contained classified material from military intelligence sources. The 2011 email forwards a warning about how then-Ambassador Chris Stevens was “considering departure from Benghazi” amid deteriorating conditions in a nearby city. 

This is bad, but CBS is now reporting that the story may be about to get even worse.

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In a report on the email scandal from Wednesday evening, CBS unveiled a whole new reason for the Clinton campaign to be worried. Apparently, not only was the former Secretary of State’s email system insecure, but her electronic devices were also unprotected!

But it is not just Clinton’s private server that may have contained classified information. The State Department filed court papers Wednesday afternoon saying it “does not believe that any personal computing device was issued by the Department” to Clinton.

“Anytime you’re bringing your own equipment and using it for work purposes, it’s not as secure as something that’s actually issued by the company,” CNET senior editor Dan Ackerman explained. “Because they take those laptops, for example, and they pre-configure them, they put their own software on them, tracking software, update software, and they distribute them.”

That raises the question, how secure were her personal devices, like her BlackBerry, since they weren’t issued by the State Department?

Her computers, phones, tablets and other electronic devices seemingly all went without being vetted by the State Department and government security specialists. It seems that during her time as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton was one calamitously gigantic security hazard. Whether it was the email system that she wanted to keep private, or the technology she made use of or her inferior foreign policy decisions – it is becoming abundantly clear we were very lucky to make it through the Obama-Clinton era still intact.

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