It’s Not Just in Texas – College Students in D.C. Think the Muslim Suitcase Clock Looks Like a BOMB


The brilliant and funny Dan Joseph from MRC TV watched the “briefcase-clock-bomb” saga unfold just like the rest of us… with utter disgust for the media’s (and Obama’s) defense of the “clock-maker.” Anyone who was being honest would immediately realize that the “clock” that Ahmed Mohamed put together (he didn’t actually “invent” it) looked like every suitcase bomb from every action movie that has ever come out of Hollywood. Only intellectually dishonest liberals could actually pretend like this entire event played out because of some deep-seated inherent Islamophobia in suburban Texas.

So, Joseph got his cameraman and microphone and headed out to George Mason University on the outskirts of Washington, D.C. to see what the local college kids thought of the “clock.” What he discovered was that perhaps it’s not just the folks in Texas that think the thing looked like a bomb…

“I’m going to show you this and you tell me what you think it is — the first thing that pops in your head,” Joseph told students at George Mason. “It looks like a bomb,” one of his interviewees said, as a friend alongside him agreed.

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In fact, student after student echoed the same sentiments – the contraption looks like a bomb.

So why can’t the liberal media understand that this wasn’t a case of Islamophobia, but of legitimate and reasonable fear? The only answer I can come up with is that the media is willfully misleading us because it fits the liberal narrative of a racist and Islamophobic America.

Watch Dan Joseph discuss this latest work on Fox & Friends.

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