It’s Getting Rather Obvious: A Government Cover Up

A long while back, our beer driven crowd in a local tavern were discussing the then current tragedy of the Oklahoma City bombing.  Some were astonished when a “conspiracy” was mention.  The owner of the establishment said one thing which has resonated and stood the test of time,  at least in my mind anyway.

He said, “what’s so hard to believe?  Didn’t our government walk away after 58,000 plus GIs were lost and stayed away after promising to intervene if the North ever invaded South Vietnam?”  This kind of put a damper on those doubting a conspiracy.

The brand of news surrounding the Oklahoma City tragedy, being of the limited and uninformative variety, has returned since we are once again being fed what is only proper to know about this Las Vegas massacre.  And again, things just don’t add up.

Returning to Oklahoma City, remember the truck bomb destroying that distant building with re-enforced concrete columns?  How many reports were available detailing the weakening rate of a detonation, in regards to the blast, when traveling through the air and with its lessened effects upon a distant target?

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Who ever heard of General Benton K. Partin?  A 31 year career Air Force officer, his expertise, as William Jasper (The New American) writes, was “weapons development at all levels and testing of all type of explosives.”  He visited the damage building and immediately thought that “…the pattern of damage would have been technically impossible without supplementing demolition charges at some of the reinforced concrete column bases…”  Again, my skepticism surges.

Also, there is Ms Carol Howe.  I know, nobody ever heard of her either and for a very good reason.  Briefly, she infiltrated the bombers inner circle and “warned her federal supervisors prior to the bombing.”  But that was and is tucked away long ago in Oklahoma, as that episode is now only a reference point for illustrating America’s own domestic terrorism potential.

This accounting provides only a glimpse of what has been held from the public’s view of an event which culminated with the quickest criminal execution in recent memory!

So now consider what is also being deleted or what is not being inquired about in this most recent terrorist act.  Why, two far apart smashed windows and where’s the media’s curiosity?  More importantly, how does a retired 64 year old accountant smuggle 23 weapons into a hotel room without drawing any attention?  Why so many weapons?  Also reported were shots sounding different by some witnesses.  Interestingly, this wasn’t just a hotel, it was a gambling casino which I believe by law requires a greater level of security.

A Wall Street Journal (WSJ) front page piece reported that videos show Paddock “…hauling luggage into the Mandalay Bay hotel and to his room on more than a half-dozen occasions…”  Also noted, “He had frequented Mandalay Bay over the past year, coming at least every other month…”

What is never inquired about, or at least not in a public venue was, how much luggage did he carry on those previous trips?  Also, how many pieces of luggage does the average tourist carry?  And this also failed to raise any red flags for the hotel’s security personnel?  Additionally, no follow up by the media?

And now finally, we are being fed ad nauseam the media’s most important concern: their anti-Second Amendment hype concerning gun models, Paddock’s vast assortment, both in the hotel and at his home, various weapon modifications and their center piece, these dastardly “bump stocks.”

Seems as though this is the main dish being offered for public consumption.  In the distance, any concerns for Paddock’s motive or even associates, which is a consideration gaining in probability, all these pertinent queries become secondary verses this latest Second Amendment craze.  This is revealing in that every crime pivots around a motive.  At this point, the lack of such stirs this skeptic!

Bottom line is, how does this 64 year old manage to transport so much armament and weighty amounts of ammo within a limited time frame?  I think that there’s a lot more to this “retired accountant,” gambler, this “private guy.”  His brother recently stated that, “something happened that drove him into the pit of hell.”  Gee, I wonder who she could be?  And still, the media’s all abuzz about “bump stocks!”

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