It’s 1992 All Over Again: South Carolina’s Love Affair with Donald Trump


A careful look at ‪#‎scprimary pols identifies a significantly disaffected group of non-traditional GOP voters. Who are these voters? They are a group of lower-middle class white voters who have been severely impoverished through 8 years of Obama politics, by a gutted energy and manufacturing segment. They have voted, by-and-large, conservative democrat due to union affiliation for the last 3 decades. They identify as cultural Evangelicals, but if pushed, are more ‘Merica than church attending. They hate Obamacare, but have signed up for expanded Medicaid in droves. They’ve paid attention to politics enough to buy the Obama lie that the system is broken and that Republicans are obstructionists. And their directionless anger is being harvested by a master manipulator, Donald Trump.

These voters were last in action in 1992, flooding to Southern Populist Bill Clinton (Defeating a sitting HW Bush).

But conditions are much more dire in 2016, a long recession making for dry tinder. Even candidates that would have been acceptable to broad swaths of republican voters are no longer appealing. These Trump “republicans” are not the grass-roots Tea Party people ([score]Ted Cruz[/score]), nor the principled libertarians ([score]Rand Paul[/score]), nor the dependable evangelicals of Christian Majority fame (Dr. Ben Carson), nor the Establishment/Reagan republicans of the 80-90’s (Jeb Bush). And they are not the new face of the party, young multi-cultural entrepreneurs and Latino conservatives ([score]Marco Rubio[/score].)

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Likely, these “estranged” Trump voters are a flash in the pan, a creation of current cultural and economic turbulence. They are a vocal minority who have commandeered a primary process. In Iowa, NH, and now South Carolina, they have been <33% of the total voters, yet they have been declared the “winners.” And the media has been joyfully fanning the flames.

Trump politics has within itself its own destruction. Such a populace clamoring for revolution cannot build something cogent. Trump is riding a wild bronco, which will wreck havoc for years to come if allowed to grow to its full monstrosity. Trump is so anathema to the general population, he stands no chance against the Hillary Machine.

Republicans must unify in opposition. Enough of the circular firing squad and the friendly fire. Kasich and Carson need to get out now before the‪#‎NVprimary. Rubio and Cruz must remember the 99% they agree on and focus on defeating Trump.

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