Israeli Saves Palestinian Child – Mom Says She’d be Proud if Son Killed Jews

This video is more than a bit shocking. However, it’s important because it should help people to understand the mindset of the average Hamas supporting Palestinian. The mom in the video has a sick son who is getting a life-saving bone marrow treatment from an Israeli doctor. The family could never afford the treatment, so the doctor is performing the treatment free of charge!

But wait until you see what the mother thinks of Jews, even as one is saving her son’s life.

“I asked you before, after Muhammad recovers, would you let him become a shahid?” asks Eldar.

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“Absolutely,” replies Raida.

“For what purpose?” he asks.

“If it’s for the sake of Jerusalem, it’s nothing to me,” she responds.

The above exchange comes about 3 minutes into the video, right near the end, but the entire video is well worth watching. It gives a tremendous insight into the mind of the average Palestinian citizen. They believe Jerusalem belongs to them because Muhammad “rose” from the Temple Mount – where the Dome of the Rock is today. So how could it possibly belong to the Jews?

HamasForgetting that he supposedly rose from the Jewish Temple Mount… or that the Jews had been living in Jerusalem for 2000 years prior to Muhammad’s supposed ascension. Or the fact that Israel had kept half of the city in battle after being attacked by the Arab Legion, or that they’d won the rest of the city in battle after defeating the attacking forces from the country of Jordan.

This idea that Jerusalem belong to the Palestinians should tell you everything you need to know. They believe it heresy to say that Israel should occupy even part of Jerusalem!

There can be no negotiation because they believe that Israel should hold no part of Jerusalem. In fact, it gets worse. They believe that Israel should not even exist at all. So again, if the average Palestinian on the street- including the ones that Jews help by saving the lives of their children – can’t even agree that Israel should exist, how can Israel negotiate with Hamas?

It’s impossible.  Israel could beg for peace, they could promise to never fire another shot and to give the West Bank and Gaza to the Palestinians (in fact they have done this), all they would require is that the Palestinian government acknowledge that Israel has the right to exist… and Hamas would REFUSE.

Israel is fighting to survive. Hamas fights only to kill.

Postscript: This story does have a happy ending as the people at MRC TV tell us that the woman has a change of heart after the Doctors save her son’s life.

But this story has a happy ending – because through the Israeli journalist and doctor’s generous gift, Raida’s son recovered and “she changed her mind on the meaning of life…. Going from the belief that ‘life means nothing’ to in the end valuing it as something ‘precious,'” Eldar told FOX News. Raida “said to me ‘why can’t we stick together to solve our problems? To find peace?’ It made me realize that both Palestinians and Israelis can change their minds about the future.'” 

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