Israel Outraged 0ver Polish Holocaust Bill

The Holocaust bill is an outrage to free speech, but that’s not what Israel cares about.

Poland’s Holocaust bill, which outlaws the phrase “Polish death camps” is a travesty to those who believe in free speech. But Israel can’t object on those grounds because it has always favored laws punishing holocaust denialism. This is what happens when states stake their moral legitimacy on controversial claims about history.

AFP reports, “Israel, Poland in row over Holocaust bill.

A foreign ministry official told AFP the Polish bill was “an attempt to rewrite and falsify history, something that the Jewish people and Israel will never accept”.

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Poland’s rightwing-dominated parliament on Friday adopted legislation that sets fines of a maximum three-year jail term for anyone who refers to Nazi German death camps as being Polish.

The measure is intended to apply to both Polish citizens and foreigners. […]

Poland was attacked and occupied by Nazi Germany in World War II, losing six million of its citizens, including three million Jews in the Holocaust.

Polish officials routinely request corrections when global media or politicians describe as “Polish” former death camps such as Auschwitz set up by Nazi Germany in occupied Poland.

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