Israel Makes Cartoon about Gaza – Liberal Heads Explode!

We love Israel here at Eagle Rising. No, not in some weird cult worship way, but simply because they are the only Western democracy in the Middle East. They share our values, many of our beliefs and while they may not be perfect – they are the best nation in the region. For some reason, liberals have come to hate Israel. I don’t know why. Israel is the only place in the Middle East where homosexuals can be openly gay, where women can freely vote, go to school, marry who they want and live without fear that the government might punish them if they are sexually assaulted. (In some Muslim nations women can do some of these things, but not all.) In fact, women, minorities, gays and everyone else live better in Israel than anywhere else in the Middle East… and still liberals hate.

Israel recently gave liberals another reason to be angry – they made a cartoon! It’s Israel’s attempt to educate liberals around the world about what is really happening in Gaza. (They also take a quick jab at the media for not seeing what is right in front of their faces.)


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