Islamic Monsters Crucify Nine Men in Syria

The Islamic terrorist organization known as the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has murdered eight men by crucifixion while a ninth barely survived.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says that the eight men were crucified and murdered for the crime of not being “extreme” enough.

“The men were executed for being too moderate as members of a rival rebel group. They were crucified on Saturday and will be on display for three days in the town square in Deir Hafer…

 A ninth man in Al-Bab was nailed alive to a cross for eight hours for giving “false testimony.” He survived.”

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crucifyISIS uses crucifixion as punishment for a variety of crimes, seeming to believe that the more violent and horrific the execution, the better it serves their purposes. Notice the throwback to medieval torture? Not only did they crucify their victims, but they also decided to leave their bodies hanging for three days for everyone to see. This is also particularly horrifying for Islamic society at large, because in Islam the bodies of the deceased should be buried as quickly as possible. Leaving the dead body out of the ground for three days is a particularly heinous crime against a believing Muslim.

But ISIS doesn’t actually care about Islam. Maybe in some twisted way they believe that anyone not as “extreme” as they are is not actually a real Muslim – so it doesn’t matter if they don’t follow proper Islamic burial procedures. Or maybe they do believe that these men were real Muslims and didn’t follow proper protocol because they want their deaths to truly terrify any other Muslims who are considering standing against them? Either way… its proof positive that ISIS is a collection of monsters who only care about one thing – themselves.

The fact that ISIS has turned on other rebel groups is particularly worrisome because it signals that ISIS is not really worried about the Syrian government anymore. ISIS is consolidating its power in Syria, locking down its territory and making sure that the other rebel groups fall in line.

You can be sure that stories like this will grow more common as ISIS grows stronger and as resistance to their “leadership” disappears.

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