ISIS Whines About the Crusades… Just Like Obama Does

The President’s comments at the National Prayer Breakfast from last week have seemingly been played on a loop over the last few days. It seems that almost everyone understands how foolish and unwise the President’s comments really were. (One person who doesn’t is faux-conservative David Brooks, who has said some very stupid things in his analysis of President Obama’s speech.)

One of the best, most concise autopsies of the President’s ridiculous speech was given by Asra Nomani on MSNBC. She barely even mentions what the President actually said, instead she focused on what the terrorists at ISIS (the Islamic State) said during their most recently released video where they burned another Muslim man alive in horrific fashion.


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That’s why I think that it’s actually an act of sitting on a high horse when you try to pretend what we see in the world today isn’t real. We’re just standing in a hall of mirrors. If I have bags under my eyes, it’s because I’ve spent the last 48 hours dissecting every second of the sad video that documented the murder of the Jordanian pilot. And I will tell you how that video begins. It began with, “b-ismi-llāhi r-raḥmāni r-raḥīm” which means in the name of Allah, the beneficent, the merciful. 

It then went to a clear and very obvious declaration that this was from the Islamic State. It was not some fancy acronym like ISIL and ISIS and all of this. It was clearly the Islamic State. And then the video proceeded to talk about the Crusades, which he had mentioned at the prayer breakfast today, to bring up every grievance against Israel, the Jews, and every other possible infraction that anybody has ever done against Muslims, so that we become a culture of wounded collectors and that is how we act out with only violence. 

And then they proceeded to talk about Koranic verses from Surat al-Anfal, which tells people, the believers to have courage to fight and to take courage in their fight. And then it proceeded to tell us that there is a hadith, a saying from the Prophet Muhammad and a Fatwah that says that we should participate in these just wars, even if they are against our own fellow Muslims. So to pretend that this isn’t a reality of Islam in the world today, that there is a “true Islam” that is the reality of our world is to me just a dance that we’re playing to our peril. 


It is President Obama who sits on his “high horse” when he condemns talk of war against “radical Islam.” It is President Obama who sits on his “high horse” when he tries to correlate the Crusades with Islamic jihad. Obama has seemingly forgot that during the years that the Crusades took place, Europe was under siege from the Islamic Empire – Spain and Portugal were ruled by Muslims, southern France had fallen, there had been battles throughout Italy and Greece and Muslim forces were banging on the gates of the world’s greatest Christian city, Constantinople (now Istanbul). To act as if the Crusades took place in a vacuum is to pretend as if the hundreds of attacks by Muslims in Europe had never happened. It’s completely ridiculous.

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