ISIS Carries Out Terrorist Attack Using Children As Young As 11-Years-Old

Children are part of the ISIS’s strategy to develop a new generation of terrorist to carry its violent ideology to future generations. They indoctrinate children so they will have unquestioning loyalty and obedience, as it prepares them to be fighters.

If you strap a bomb to a child, you don’t deserve to live in this or any universe.

Meanwhile, just weeks ago the New Mexico terrorist camp that dealt with a bizarre child abuse case where they brainwashed children to train them as mass school shooters were let out of jail on signature bonds. The camp’s connection to the imam of a Brooklyn mosque has almost completely vanished from the MSM news.


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The Islamic State’s Amaq News Agency has released a video showing four young males, including a boy and three other children or teenagers, who were allegedly responsible for terrorist attacks in Chechnya yesterday. The self-declared caliphate previously claimed responsibility for the incidents, which targeted police forces.

Amaq’s video is intended to underscore that Islamic State loyalists, albeit children or teenagers, were responsible.

FDD’s Long War Journal cannot independently confirm that the four males seen in the video were responsible for the operations in Chechnya. But the video is similar to a string of other short productions released by the Islamic State since mid-2016. In addition, Chechen authorities have said that all four of the assailants were younger than 17, with the youngest being just 11-years-old. […]

There are only sketchy details regarding what transpired in Chechnya. According to the Russian news agency TASS, at least one police officer was killed and several others were wounded during three attacks. One or two of the assailants used their vehicle, a Mercedes, to run over policemen in Grozny. Two others, armed with knives, assaulted police in the town of Shali. And at least one member of the terror team attempted to blow himself up at a police checkpoint in the village of Mesker-Yurt. Chechen authorities also quickly blamed the Islamic State’s “special programs to brainwash teenagers” for the raids.

In addition to its online efforts, the Islamic State has a “cubs of the caliphate” program that was established to indoctrinate children in the so-called caliphate’s ideology. This program has operated in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and likely elsewhere. The “cubs of the caliphate” effort has created additional problems for counterterrorism authorities, who now have to worry that the jihadists will use children in attacks inside Europe. More

“Most terror groups find it difficult to rationalize or explain child recruitment,” said John Horgan, a researcher at the Georgia State University. “The Islamic State is one of the few groups that is very proud to announce to the world, not only are they doing it, but it’s also the future.”

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