ISIS Releases Video Murdering 21 Christians

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria is no longer tied just to those two Middle Eastern nations – they’ve also spread to several other nations, including Libya. Libya, which was heralded just a few short years ago as the future of the Islamic world, has descended into chaos, and ISIS has risen to the top in the lawless nation. ISIS in Libya shares many things in common with their fellow jihadists in Iraq and Syria, including the ability to anger their Muslim neighbors.

In Syria, ISISI recently incurred the wrath of the Kingdom of Jordan after they murdered a Jordanian pilot by burning him alive and then airing the footage for the world to see. The barbarism was meant to show the world just how serious ISIS was about their fight – instead it galvanized a nation of Muslims against them. The Jordanians were so angry that their king even stepped in to personally fly a combat mission against them and we’ve only begun to see Jordan’s military power expressed in Syria.

Now in Egypt, ISIS in Libya may have awakened a similar juggernaut.

ISIS Egyptian ChristiansOn Sunday, ISIS in Libya released a video, (The video is called “A Message signed with blood to the nation of the cross” and was released by Al-Hayat Media) which showed the mass execution of 21 Egyptian Christians who were earlier kidnapped in Libya. The video shows the Egyptian men kneeling in the sand on a beach on coastal Libya, each kneeling man is paired with a masked ISIS terrorists who stands directly behind them. Finally, one terrorist addresses the camera and then the monsters go about their evil deed.

Global security firm, Flashpoint Intelligence, explains what the video means for the rest of the world.

“This undeniably means that the group now views Christian populations as not only targets but also part of the bigger ‘Crusader plot,’ not separate from the US-led coalition or aggressors. The group’s message is highly intimidating and it somewhat challenges the Western nations to intervene and save the Christians as it intervened to save the Yazidis and others.”

Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi responded that Egypt reserved the right to respond in a way it sees fit to the Islamic State’s beheading of 21 Egyptians in neighboring Libya.

Sisi warned Cairo would choose the “necessary means and timing to avenge the criminal killings”.

This latest act of butchery is as disgusting as anything that has come before. The Coptic Christians who live in Egypt are a peaceful people who have long been persecuted within their own nation. Nothing they did or said could have warranted this evil treatment from ISIS, who kidnapped these innocent men under false pretenses, then treated them in such a horribly and inhumane manner. Perhaps ISIS will soon anger enough of their neighbors so that our intervention won’t even be needed…

Christian author Ann Voskamp memorialized these 21 innocent men in the most beautiful way possible…

…whatever the world news may say about the Brave, Martyred 21 Christians who were beheaded by ISIS, Lord, we know Your Word speaks the Truth: “The world was not worthy of them.” (Heb.11:38)
However any evil thinks it’s winning & overcoming,
Your Truth declares that they are the Overcomers, that they overcame “because of the blood of the Lamb & because of the word of their testimony, and they did not love their life even when faced with death.” (Rev.12:11)
And wherever Your people are tonight, God,
We will remember every one of their names because they did not forget You or forsake claiming Your name,
We will pray for their families because they are our literal family,
And we will pray that our faith *in You*
is worth laying down our life *for You,*
We will pray that we don’t live lives of cheap grace but of costly Christianity,
We will pray that their sacrificed lives will stir us to live sacrificial lives
And we will weep prayers for the persecuted Church because we are *bound* to them through Your Heart & in Your heart they are UNBOUND, UNDEFEATABLE, UNDAUNTED, & UNFORGETTABLE.
‪#‎PrayTogetherForOurWorld‬ ‪#‎Pray703‬

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